American Apparel Woody Allen Boycott

American Apparel,

I am boycotting your product over your treatment of Woody Allen.

Of course, I don't agree with everything Woody has done, but this case is simply about copyright infringement, and I feel that if it was very low class of you to bring up Woody's sex life.


What kind of lawyers do you have over there? Or is it the CEOs that have made this dumb decision to embarrass an American icon and flaunt your company's ignorance of the law.

American Apparel, why don't you save yourself the little dignity you have, settle with Woody and apologize?

Again, I'm not condoning all of Woody's actions over the course of his life (nor do I condone all of MY actions), but I just feel that his sex life has nothing to do with this copyright case.

Just today I saw a great shirt that I was about to buy off site, then saw it was made with American Apparel and decided against it.


Howard Stern Totally Wrong About Purim

On today's show, after Robin read a story about Madonna and her kids being filmed wearing costumes for Purim, Howard made an erroneous remark about the  Jewish holiday.

Howard asserted that Purim was a minor holiday that "real jews" don't even think about. Very wrong! Purim is a very important holiday to religious Jews too.  It also happens to be one of the only fun holidays too. People dress up and drink a lot.  In fact, it's considered to mitzvah to drink until you're dizzy.

Just search for Purim to YouTube and you'll get a better idea.

Here's one party I found.

This is not to say Howard is a dumb man. He's quite smart and usually has great points of view. He just happens to be wrong about this.

Howard should try celebrating Purim sometime, and stop bashing Jews for celebrating one of their holidays.  

To quote Ronnie the Limo Driver, "What do you have against having fun?"

Kevin Nealon Interview was Superb

The Kevin Nealon interview last week was great. Very funny, and Kevin really showed he was a good comedic match for Howard.

I am of the opinion that Kevin Nealon was the BEST SNL Weekend Update guy ever! 

To me, Nealon was the only one who delivered the material like he was a newsman.

The rest of those guys delivered it like late night talk show monologues. 


This is American Idol - Not Puerto Rican Spanish Idol

This Jorge Puerto Rican guy who just became a Top 12 finalist on AI should really not have first shouted out a bunch of Spanish.

This is American Idol - as in English! Remember that language?

If you know you're gonna be on TV, shouldn't you prepare just a little English?

And oh damn he has the weirdest face.

I just find myself hating myself for judging him so harshly, but really the guy's head and hair...

Blind Scott on American Idol Can't Sing

I can't believe the Blind Scott fiasco is continuing on American Idol.

Why do they keep telling this blind kid he can sing? It's cruel really.

He seems like a nice guy, and he has a passable voice, but really if Scott could see he would have been booted out long ago.

I thought that kid who sang "I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues" should have gotten to move on to the top 12. That was a really bad song, but he's a good enough singer.


Howard - Stop Dissing Rush Limbaugh

I will admit it.

I love Howard Stern and I love Rush Limbaugh.

And Howard - you've goofed on Rush Limbaugh before, but today you went way overboard.

You used to be a big free market kind of guy.

Have you taken a moment to actually study Obama's agenda? There are huge, permanent changes in there that will increase dependence on government and increase government control.

Stop focusing on your hate of Rush Limbaugh, and really take a minute to hear the legitimate criticisms of Obama's agenda. This past weekend, there were "tea parties" around the country trying to counter a media that is 100% in the tank for Obama and not reporting on the negative impacts these policies can cause for years to come.


Howard, I listen to your show and Rush's show almost every day. And I really don't think your political views are all that different. Although you probably differ with Rush on most social issues (as do I), I believe that economically you and Rush share similar conservative views.

You both feel that people shouldn't depend on the government for everything. You're both for low taxes and small gov. You're both for being tough on crime and terrorism. Most importantly, you both believe in the right to say what you want on the radio. He actually defended you when Clear Channel went against you.

Howard, do you really want to live in a country where there's not a vocal opposition to the government?


American Idol Confusing and Laborious

Love the talent on this year's American Idol, but there is some formatting shit that is really bugging me.

First of all, at the beginning of this first night of live competition, Ryan Seacrest very quickly went over the new rules of this season. Something about a 3 week competition and elimination. Don't have Tivo, so still don't understand the new elimination rules. This leaves me with an unsure shaky feeling.

Also why are there these LONG interviews with the kids and their parents? I really don't need to hear the whole back story on these people and see their parents say the most obvious, uninteresting things.

And what if one of the contestants has a good song, and then you see their parents are a couple of fat hicks? That will affect voters somehow.

AI - stop this right now. It's not too late to change this dreadful format. I'm watching to hear singing. If I'm blown away by the singer, down the line I might like to know more about their background.

But please stop loading us up with sob-stories and interviews.

You listened to Howard Stern about making the results show a half hour. Now listen to the Howard Stern Critic.